PATRICK WALSH/PHOTOMOSAICS® is fine art photography best described as, PAINTING WITH THE CAMERA®, and influenced by 4th century BC mosaic tile art, using today's modern camera and film technology. PATRICK WALSH/PHOTOMOSAICS®, PAINTING WITH THE CAMERA®  Limited edition Fine Art Archival Prints on Archival Watercolor Paper, pictured here are available for purchase. Each edition consists of 10 State Proofs and up to 50 numbered prints each signed by the artist Patrick Walsh. Many additional works are available. Originals are available for exhibition and for sale as well.
For example, PATRICK WALSH/PHOTOMOSAIC®, PAINTING WITH THE CAMERA®  was commissioned by the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team to create a photomosaic for the 30th anniversary of the LA Dodger stadium. And by the Baltimore Orioles Baseball Team for the reception to commemorate the first Major League All-star Game played in their Camden yards stadium.

 Patrick Walsh/Photomosaics® 
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Kilu Horecki




New Orleans Museum of Modern Art

Los Angeles Dodger Baseball Organization Museum, Los Angeles, California - Commission

Baltimore Orioles Baseball Organization Museum, Baltimore, Maryland - Commission

Mother Road US 66 Museum, Barstow, California

Palazzo Exhibitione Museum, Rome, Italy

Western America Railroad Museum, Barstow, California

Embassy of Brazil, Rome, Italy

The Oppenheimer Fund, New York City

US Department of State, Art in Embassies Program



Art of The New Millennium, Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA May 2009

SoHo Studio Gallery, New York, NY June/October 2008

Desert Art Collection Gallery, Palm Desert, CA March/April 2007

Art Rome Photography Competition, First Prize Worldwide, 25,000 entries 2007

Art of Photography Show, Juried selection, San Diego, California, April-June 2006

•9517 entries, only 104 selected for “Art of Photography Show” (Prestigious Honor)

Agora Gallery, New York City, NY, March-April 2006

Juried selection, Alternative Media Exhibition, October-December 2005

Galerie Gora, Montreal, QC, Canada, March 2005

Milford Crossing Gallery, Milford, CT,  September 2004-January 2005

Landmark Gallery, Tarrytown, NY, June-September 2004

Turning Point Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, 2003

Masters of Light Gallery, Durham, NC, 2003

Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT, December-March 2003 as Featured Artist

Masters of light Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, 2002

Morales Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC, 2002

Nathanson’s Fine Art Photo Gallery, Santa Monica, CA  2000 - 2001

JazCaf Gallery, Rome, Italy, June 2000

Invisible Dog Gallery, New York City, 1998

BBDO Corporate Gallery, New York City, 1991

DMB&B Corporate Gallery, New York City, 1989

Marylou’s Exhibit Gallery, New York City, 1987

Hammerquist Gallery, New York City, 1983


EXHIBITED AT: ArtExpoNY, NY 2003, 2004, 2007 • Jackson Hole Art Fair, July, 2006

EXHIBITED AT: ArtExpoAtlanta 2005 • Palm Springs International Art Fair 2004 




Even though Patrick Walsh uses a camera for his artwork, he doesn’t think of himself as a photographer, nor would he call the resulting pieces “photography.”  Instead, Walsh approaches his work as a painter might, and paints with the camera itself.  The camera is the paintbrush and the photographs are the brushstrokes of his Photomosaics:  large-scale ruminations on people, places and things that he filters through the camera lens, then pieces together.  The end results -- flattened out images that show us what we only perceive in our peripheral vision -- are rendered much deeper and broader than the sum of their original parts.


Walsh, who studied graphic design and advertising at the Parsons School of Design in his native New York City, and who painted as a hobby, created his first piece over thirty years ago when he was location-scouting for a feature film.  He discovered a location that could not be captured in a single image.  So, he shot many, using a Kodak instant camera, and stapled the photographs together.  The result intrigued him and Walsh soon found himself making deliberate forays into the Southwestern desert and along windswept Pacific coastlines to find subjects for his art.


Each time Walsh pieces together countless photographs that he has shot to create a single image, he tells a new story.  His subjects are as varied as Dennis Connor fronting his sailboat, an empty baseball stadium, the desert or a verdant rain forest.  And while the end result may feel spontaneous, the process is anything but, says Walsh.  Each location is carefully considered, revisited, and the work is thoroughly thought out before Walsh opens his aperture to gather the images.


For instance, for a piece commissioned by the Los Angeles Dodgers – a photomosaic of the empty stadium – Walsh shot 26 rolls of film for a piece that turned out to be 11 feet long.  That commission led to another, by the Baltimore Orioles.  The resulting 7 foot long photomosaic of the new Camden Yards was featured at the ball club’s reception for the All Star game.  Both works now hang in the stadiums’ private clubs.


Once the film is shot, Walsh shapes the experience with the photographs.  Im creating a composition with multiple photographs and yet within those photographs there will be a beautiful one all by itself.  Ill put it into the mix.  The overall impression is what matters to me, says Walsh.  I want you to step into that picture, its like a window.  I want you to feel youre there.


In addition to his Photomosaics, Walsh has a distinguished career as a director and producer in the advertising industry.  He has won eight “Clios,” four “Cannes Lions,” an Emmy nomination and  over 300 additional industry honors including two films in MOMA’s Permanent collection.


Walsh is a director member of The Director’s Guild of America

and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, (The Emmys).


Walsh’s work has appeared in museums, galleries and private collections



Born:  New York City

Education:  High School of Music & Art, Major: Art,   New York City

Parsons School of Design, Major: Graphic Design,    New York City